How I painted Volibear

2014-09-24 15:08:43 by rvhomweg


Searching for a sound artist

2014-06-11 17:50:00 by rvhomweg

Hello everyone!

I am working on a new movie, a black and white one about an archer and a night and a troll etc...

I don't have any particular script so I am open to new suggestion to continue my story.


Here is what I already have:

I am also searching for a collab, a sound artist more precisely who could add sound to this project. Of course I would give credits to the artist for that. I need some medieval music and some SFX for the arrow etc...


Thanks for your replies!

Lucky Day Forever

2014-06-04 14:12:04 by rvhomweg

Hey guys,

This will be my first news post on newgrounds. I'm convinced nobody will read this because nobody really follows me. I'm mainly doing this for myself.

I've been liking a lot of movies on newgrounds and I had a lot of favorites and I am also supporting a lot of starters in animation out there. If you need help with flash or anything related to animation you can always come to me.

Of all the movies or animations I marked as favorite, there is one movie that is just outstanding. Watch this movie if you didn't already watch it:

Lucky Day Forever trailer released!


This movie is not only inspiring in so many ways for any animator on newgrounds, it also contains a big message to society and people. It's kind of describing the negative side of our society and the authors are doing it in different ways. One way of doing it is by denouncing racism and discrimination in the media. The association between beauty and white-coloured people is outstanding. But there is much more than just this association, there is also an association between beauty and money and happiness and popularity, glamour and everything you must want, or what society wants you to want. Second, every human on earth is connected to another human. There will always be someone on earth who is thinking of you even if you're lonely, there might be someone out there who is thinking about you, even if she or he has her or his own problems and you have yours. We always live in connection with others no matter how lonely the society wants us to be. A third comment on this animation is the mood, the envirenment, the ambiance, the atmosphere. This is maybe the most powerful tool of these animators and if you didn't already start watching it, just do it now :)




Raphael Vanhomwegen